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Future prospects

Presently myopia shows the highest incidence across the world and nearly all the countries differ in their report of the incidence of myopia. China is one of the countries with high myopia incidence. According to statistics (the samplingsurveys on on-campus students in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou and othercities), the number of Chinese youth suffering from myopia has ranked from the fourth place in the world in 1998 to the second place, only second to Japan.Besides, the Chinese myopia population has come to focus on people of  young age. Currently the myopia incidence for Chinese elementary pupils accounts for30%, middle school students, 50%, and college students, 75%. There are roughly 300 million myopia sufferers in China. It is estimated that the number of amblyopia sufferers amounts to at least 10 million. These staggering figures indicate that vision problems prove to be the primary enemy that threatens the physical and psychological health of Chinese youngsters.  

The huge myopia population has led to a market of 50 million Yuan. As Shiliming has more than 20 years’ experience and has obtained related patents, joining us is the first step to success for enterprising investors.

Market analysis

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The main methods for prevention and treatment of myopia currently adopted in the market are classified as follows.  

1. lasik

Advantage: Prompt-Sufferers can take off glasses right after operation;


1. Strict age requirement (at least 18 years old);

2. The operation level differs greatly;  

3.Too many sequela, high liability for complications and high expenses.

2. Orthokeratology

Advantages: The device shall be put on during sleep. When taking off the device after sleep,normal vision can be maintained for around ten hours;


1. The device functions after being put onevery night;

2. Liable for keratitis and cornea breakage;

3.Highexpense and regular replacement is needed.  

3. Vision recovery center of other brands

Advantages: Physical therapies are adopted generally, which show fewer side effects;


1. Other brands are not authentic ones of Taiwan and display poor performance;

2. Some brands will use oculentum, eye mask and other drugs, the ingredients of which are unclear.    

Comparison between Shiliming and the above methods

Shiliming functions to recover vision based on physical therapy and in combination with various patented products in Taiwan and China, which are most safe, effective, prompt and free of side effect. Compared with operations, orthokeratology is safer. Except for laser surgery,orthokeratology, according to research in Hong Kong, is unfit for children, for it is likely to affect children`s eye development and to cause keratitis.Although the vision recovery centers of other brands focus on physical training, they have similar products as that of Shiliming and claim their products are introduced from Taiwan, they cannot have the physical therapy effect as that of Shiliming. That is because Shiliming is the authentic visionrecovery center with patented products of Taiwan and China. Moreover, our corporate counselor is Dr. Wu Anping, the vision recovery founder of Taiwan.Hence, our products are more advantageous than other brands.    

Join us

For those who have chosen to join Shiliming, our company shall stipulate the following regulations to protect their rights and interests.

1. Regional guarantee shall be offered to facilitate operators in grasping the source of clients and ensure the operation and profit of franchise stores.  

2. We shall supply full sets of patented devices and offer related maintenance. As we have patents for these devices,imitation-incurred competition will be avoided. We shall also keep developingnew facilities to enable franchise stores to attain new heights, which isdirected at bringing about greater market competitiveness and prolonged market function.

3.Complete technical support, professional knowledge impartation, and operation tutoring shall be offered to make sure franchised stores may conduct business operations independently whilst a foundation for operation has been laid.

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You will become oneof our partners if the following conditions have been met.

1. Be patient with and have a loving heart forchildren; willing to learn professional skills whole heartedly;

2. Be enthusiastic, proactive and strongly motivated;

3. Be in line with the marketing strategy and management policy of shiliming system;  

4. He who is experienced in business operationor in serving as director is preferred;

5. Couples who can join us together are preferred;  

6.Preparefund of roughly 500,000 Yuan independently, including 12 magnetic field oscillators in three sets.  

Professional training

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The lecturers of the training program shall be those with the international teaching certificate of the International Academy of Education. During the training period, detailed instructions shall be given concerning related knowledge of all parts of the eyeball, the reasons of ametropia, the introduction of equipment, and the operation method of devices. In this way,all the staff members may have a full knowledge of eyeballs and impress the clients with their professional quality.

Marketing plan

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Our head office can organize activities for all the franchised stores, offer consultation on marketing and corporate planning and provide professional opinions. When necessary, the head office may appoint professional instructors and assist all the branch stores in organizing various promotion activities or lecturers of different sizes.