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Company Introduction

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Shiliming Introduction

Dr.Wu Anping, a native of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, commits to the research and development of technological products. In 1990, he noticed the number of nearsighted students in Taiwan was on the increase. The report on the worsening myopia problem from the Ministry of Education also indicated that the number of nearsighted students in elementary schools accounted for 30%, and the number of nearsighted college students,98%. The young people of the Chinese nation are faced with the problem of shortsightedness.

Given this, Dr. Wu set about clinical experiments on the prevention and treatment of myopia and found out the possibility of worsening myopia that could not be solved by hospitals and glasses. He discovered the technology on eye cells activation through physical magnetic field-based gene modification which can enhance the elasticity of ciliaris. In addition to his innovative eye movement pattern, the myopia sufferers can recover to normal vision promptly.In 1992, Dr.Wu’s challenge to the bad vision caused a sensation in Taiwan, making myopia sufferers’ dream of taking off glasses come true.  

Corporate objective

1. Benevolence: benevolence first; benefit second;

2. Devotion: devoted self-discipline; respect teachers and esteem truth;

3. Diligence: do a good job diligently and conscientiously;

4. Patience: explain patiently; theoretical science;

5. Loving heart: affectionate tutoring; form habits;

6. Perseverance: follow up unswervingly with great willpower

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